VACATIONLAND is a monthly mixtape series that features all the best music you haven’t heard yet or you already love, mixed in an abstract thematic narrative with seamless transitions. The mixes are interspersed with vocal & atmospheric samples from pop-culture that’ll make you scream ‘Nostalgia’ and keep you feelin’ good. Consider it ‘Beach-Wave’ or ‘Vacation-Wave’ or ‘Dance-Blaze’ or ‘Nu-Blaze’ or most popularly: ‘Blaze-Wave.’

Each monthly mix is accompanied by a video preview that is co-produced and presented by the zen zone and OFCLOUDS. It’s a great time. We work and live almost entirely in Brooklyn with people that have known each other for years, so it’s a real tight crew. We are always looking to collaborate with new artists that mesh with the aesthetic, so drop us a line if you’re interested in submitting music, your samples, or you’re interested in working on a project with us.

This are mixtapes you’d play on a first date to impress your new-main-squeeze and that your Dad would also approve. To accomodate a large audience, the selection is widely accessible, cross-genre and there are very few heavy duty bangers. Music like: Billy Ocean, Frank Ocean, Kartell, Moullinex, Star Slinger, Vanilla, Hall & Oates, Tiger & Woods, Lifelike, The Presets, Benny Sings, Montell Jordan, Breakbot, Starfucker, Malinchak, Fleetwood Mac’s Sex Pants. Sounds good? For sure.

VACATIONLAND is something for everyone; it’s a state-of-mind.