Trinidad’s Own “God Loves the Fighter” (US Release)

Originally only released in theaters around Trinidad, God Loves the Fighter will be made available on July 7 on VOD through iTunes, Amazon Worldwide and on DVD for purchase.

Winner of the 2013 Official Selection at the Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival, God Loves the Fighter reminds us that our decisions dictate our fate. In Port of Spain, survival is key. King Curtis (Lou Lyons), the film’s narrator, is a poet living on the streets of Port of Spain, murder capital of the Caribbean, and Charlie (Muhammad Muwakil), a young man trying to avoid temptation despite his desperate situation. One night will leave Charlie faced with a decision that could ultimately alter his fate and change his life.

The film’s eclectic soundtrack is available on iTunes now. Here is the official video for “Good Swimma” from Freetown & Q Major.

God Loves the Fighter was directed by Damian Marcano, written by Marcano and Alexa Bailey and stars Muhammad Muwakil, Lou Lyons, Jamie-Lee Phillips, Abdi Waithe, Darren Cheewah, and Zion Henry. Pre-order your copy of the DVD now!


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