The Accomplices – The 10-90 EP


BroadNMarket and The Jake are The Accomplices and they made quite a wave with their latest project, the 10-90 EP. The Northeast beat crew released the EP on June 6th and it features Guilty Simpson, Damien Randle, D. Rose, TWICE, and MaG,  Wednesday, June 6.

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We’ve caught up with The Jake & BroadNMarket after the official EP release:

1. Please introduce yourself and tell us what’s a typical day in your life like right now?

Hello everyone, my name is Jake aka The Jake, 1/2 of The Accomplices.  My day is probably not that much different than anyone else….wake up, go to work, get angry at the whole 9-5 system, come home and try to hustle my way into making music for a living lol.  So pretty basic.  Weekends are a little different, I like to get into a bunch of different things.  I like to cook, I just moved into a new house so I’m trying to step my yard game up, and I’m getting pretty deep into the craft beer game as well.

This is BroadNMarket, Accomplice #2. I wake up everyday in the Borough of Queens and head off to work, but it’s all part of the plan.  I work 9-5 seeking structural social reform and make music for the cultural impact.  The music happens whenever I can find the time between all the other things I’m trying to accomplish.

2. You recently released the 10-90 EP, can tell us the Top 5 Things About The New Record?

The Jake:

1. That Guilty Simpson feature was like a dream come true for me. I think any beat-head worth their salt will tell you that Dilla was an inspiration to them, and to me, and I don’t want to offend or step out of line with saying this, but Guilty is like a living breathing Dilla instrument or sample. When I hear a Dilla beat, I think of Guilty, when I hear Guilty, I think of Dilla….so working with Guilty was really something special.

2. Tre DeJean came out of nowhere to me. BnM told me about this dude that he was meeting up with about recording over this beat, that at the time I said he’d have a hard time selling someone on. That track became “People, Places, Things (Runnin)”, which inspired the “Runnin’ Life” t-shirts and buttons that Pluto Charles, over at The Wanderer Clothing Company came up with for this EP.

3. “What Happened” ft. theBREAX…half of this track was recorded months before we even started planning this second EP, and I really wasn’t thrilled with what I heard. So much time past after hearing that first pre-recording that I kind of let it go and didn’t really stress about it. Then one day out of nowhere, BnM sends me an email with a finished version of the joint and I’m kind of feeling it, still at that point, it wasn’t one of my favorite records on the project. Well, we end up getting it mixed by engineer extraordinaire, Es-K…and man,,,,,he did work, that track sounded so good! It’s probably my favorite track on the whole project, and like BnM said, it’s kind of taken a life of its own and people seem to be responding to it.

4. The track “Still Paid” ft. J.Gunn, which is part of the premium download, came down to the wire, the vocals came in the night before we had to submit the project. The mix didn’t get finished until the next morning right before I had to leave for work. I thank God that track was finished in time lol.

5. The Wanderer Clothing Company brought us out, and they created these great stickers and buttons. They also created a limited edition t-shirt inspired by the ep which you can pick up on their website.


First off, gotta show love to DJ Booth and the Wanderer for presenting the project.  The main version is 5 tracks, so there’s a story for every record:

1) The Burner started it all.  We were actually working on another project, then jake hit me with this track and said let’s make something of it.  And here we are now.

2) Not Gonna Let You Stop Me- I’m all for the concepts on this project.  On Got Away (our last EP) there wasn’t as much focus on the messages.  This time, our guests talk about the post-financial crisis world, people’s interactions with the homeless, a lot of important topics but just reflecting. How to respond is up to the listener. The idea behind this track was when an MC looks in the mirror and says “not gonna let you stop,” which was in the sample, how much is about making it and getting wealthy, and how much is about doing right by your family, community, and future generations?

3) What Happened was actually supposed to be on Got Away, but we didn’t get to finish it in time.  It worked out perfectly, though.  The track fits the mood, has that content, all of that, and it’s been building a bit of momentum of its own. I think it’s the 2012 Mr. Wendal, which was my first taste of hip hop (the original). I love it.

4) Runnin- this was originally the first beat I made and tried Torae’s “Do The Math” vocals over for myRe-Produced entry on DJ Booth, and of course, “I’m Runnin” in the hook inspired the Wanderer‘s “Runnin Life” collaborative tee in connection with the EP, and

5) Static Life is an introduction to our next project with Montreal’s Malicious.

3. Any new projects or releases on the horizon that we should keep an eye on?

The Jake:

We’re working with Malicious (Static Life) on an EP and we’ll probably do a third Accomplices EP after that. I’m starting work on a solo mixtape/album for 2013. There was talk of J.Gunn and I working on a FreEP, we’ll see if that works out. There’s also a track called “Incredible” that J.Gunn and Brandon Pierre recorded that may be getting some air time on BET, so fingers crossed, you can check for my music on BET.


The project with Malish will be coming late this year or early next. I’m working on a few more tracks with Tre DeJean, which we think might turn into a full EP. Follow our social media to see what happens with those and we’ll definitely keep Brooklyn Radio posted.

4. Your favourite new producer/artist in 2012 and why?

The Jake:

I don’t know if I’d call him my favorite, but I’ve got my eye on Hit Boy. I think what he’s doing is incredible and it’s inspiring to see someone come from the bottom all the way to the top.


We’re producers, and we respect the grind, so I gotta show respect to the fam (NY native) King I Divinefor those fire beats of his. Tito Lopez just put out “Pressure,” a preview to his new mixtape, which King I did the beat for. That’s been on loop in my iPhone for about 3 weeks now.

5. What are your 5 favourite albums at the moment (can be classics or just released)?

The Jake:

1. Oddisee’s “People Hear What They See” – I think it’s safe to say that I’m an Oddisee Stan. I think he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread.
2. Ghostwridah’s “Downtown Lights” – This one was actually a free download. I like his movement, and I think a lot more people will be finding out who he is.
3. Stalley’s “Lincoln Way Nights – The Young Guru Mix” – I’m not gonna stop listening to this album until we make it. So many inspirational joints on there.
4. Rashad’s “Museum” – Another free download. The cat who produced “Lincoln Way Nights” and sang on “Slapp”. Real dope RnB.
5. Clear Soul Force’s “REVO” – Just a bunch of dope dudes spitting their brains out. They’re Detroit, you gotta be able to spit crazy to maintain the MC standard in that city lol.


I prefer to keep things progressing, so I’ll talk about the new…
1. Tre DeJean – The Tunes and Times of Tre DeJean
2. Skewby – Humble Pie
3. Mayday – Take Me To Your Leader

4. DeuceZ – Bragging Rights (yes, I handled the production)
5. MaG – Freedom (it’s coming this summer, but the leaks have been crazy)

6. Last but not least, what do you associate with Brooklyn?

The Jake:

Great hip-hop, great effing beer, great eats, a lot of diversity, and a great amount of hipsters.


Being Queens-based right now, it takes mad time to get to Brooklyn, but I definitely head over there to make things happen with this music. I chopped it up with MaG when I barely knew who he was at Public Assembly a few years ago, I got to chat with Illmind at Donuts are Forever at Brooklyn Bowl ahead of the BLAP Showcase, and there’s just a bunch of stuff happening there that people are gonna hear about if they haven’t already. Of course, Brooklyn is the birthplace, and it’s still giving life to a lot of what we do. We’re grateful.

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