Sa-Ra Creative Partners – Episode III: Exodus To Earth


Enter Episode III: Exodus to Earth, the final act in our Sa-Ra Creative Partners podcast trilogy. Exhibiting the various styles employed by the trio of Om’Mas Keith, Shafiq Husayn and Taz Arnold, the music found in this third installment ranges from soothing soul to funkdadelic jams then back again. Expanding their sonic empire, each member of Sa-Ra Creative Partners will also be heard exploring creative ventures through guest appearances and production assistance on other artists’ projects, along with their own solo endeavors. Enjoy.

Download — TSS Presents Sa-Ra Creative Partners – Episode III: Exodus To Earth


  • “Go Head”
  • “My Sunshine” (Blu featuring Nia Andrews)
  • “Shorties On The Block”
  • “Go Ronnie” (Tiron)
  • “Nice” (Outasight)
  • “Do U Wanna Ride” (Jay-Z featuring John Legend)
  • “Contribution” (Jurassic 5)
  • “Love Stomp”
  • “Sun Drums and Soul Sa-Ra On The Move (Remix)” (Four Tet)
  • “On the One Sa-Ra (Remix)” (RH Factor featuring Renee Neufville of Zhane)
  • “Slow Burn” (Caktuz featuring Shafiq and Georgia Anne Muldrow)
  • “Leniency Mercy Track 6″
  • “Mind Made Up” (Raw Breed featuring Shafiq)
  • “Gamma”
  • “Southside Blood Cuz’N”
  • “All In The Kitchen”
  • “Uh Oh”
  • “The Girl Is A Player”
  • “Mr. Mayor” (Lady Bug Mecca of Digable Planets)
  • “Trouble Girl”
  • “Misdemeanor”
  • “Bass In It” (Daedelus featuring Taz)
  • “Wind It Up Freak Mix” (Mark Pritchard featuring Om’Mas)
  • “Get Over It” (Sarah Lahey featuring Om’Mas)
  • “Get Your Laces Tight” (Cornelia featuring Om’Mas and Dimitri Ustinov)
  • “Nasty U”
  • “Sugar Lady” (featuring Rozzi Daime)
  • “Downtown”
  • “Leniency Mercy Track 1″
  • “I Found You” (Nicole Wray)
  • “The End” (Kid Cudi featuring GLC and Nicole Wray)
  • “Broke My Leg/What R U Gonna Do” (McKenzie Eddy)
  • “Maxine” (John Legend)
  • “Seagulls”
  • “Breathe” (Jill Scott featuring Om’Mas)
  • “Boat Cruise” (Thundercat)
  • “Love Still Hurts” (featuring Thundercat)
  • “Seasons” (Thundercat)
  • “The Night” (The Foundation featuring Rozzi Daime)
  • “Spring Winter Summer Fall” (Blu featuring Jimetta Rose)
  • “Egypt”
  • “Is It Love” (Thundercat featuring Om’Mas)
  • “Fantastic Vampere” (featuring Erykah Badu and Herbie Hancock)
  • “Master Teacher Master Mix”

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