Pompeya – Tropical

Tropical is an ode to 70s disco and 80s new wave in a sound that is pop music in its finest form. The US full-length debut from Pompeya will be paired with a remix EP, which features contributions from Psychemagik, Fred Falke, Jimmy Edgar, and more. The official Remix EP will be included as a free download for those that purchase the 12” special edition double vinyl, and will be released officially in December 2013.

Last month, MTV Hive premiered and reviewed the first single for the record, “Slaver”, saying:

“With a clear knack for arrangement, the band merges lush synths with spiraling guitars and a rhythm section bringing relentless, heavy funk. There is a weightlessness to the track, as if written while floating through space and time. Trance-inducing, the track may impel you to sit in silence for a few minutes as the song concludes before remembering where you are. While other nostalgia-obsessed dance acts focus primarily on tones, it’s restoring to hear such substantial songwriting.”

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