Oy – Market Place

OY aka Joy Frempong is a half Ghanaian and half Swiss multi versed vocalist that’s at home in the left-of-center. Three years after her debut First Box Then Walk, OY is back with another offering – a new LP cryptically entitled KOKOKYINAKA. The single Market Place is largely made whole thing was made out of field recordings collected on a trip through Africa, so things like a parachute, fireworks, and a shoe come together to form a unique soundscape. Field recordings aren’t that innovative but usually they end up in a dull dub/wave project. Market Place on the other hand is an infectious feel good song that will keep you smiling all summer long.

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2nd Class Bus
Halleluja Hair
Market Place
Stars On Gold
Funny 1
Tortoise and Hunter
Millionaire In Beggar’s Wear
Funny 2
Bienvenue Chez Toi
No, I Don’t Snore
My Name Is Happy
Chicken Beer
Si Tu Veux..
Carry Us Home
1st Class Bus

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