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Hip Hop don’t stop and Oonops is back with his fourth installment of his mighty Hip Hop Special series! This time he invited journalist, DJ, producer and Hip Hop moderator Falk Schacht who was digging in the crates for his varied, fiery selection. Stinoe from the True Beatz Crew straight out of Berlin with an vinyl-mixture of his current fav tunes and last but not least Paul De Loecker from Brussels, Belgium who is known for his special tribute mixes. For this episode he is focussing on NYC’s Bronx including tracks, interviews and snippets from back in the time.

But before Oonops opens up the show with a selection of his latest vinyl arrivals be that reissued Classics, Boom Bap, Instrumentals, Edits or Japanese Rap.

Three and a half hours of pure Hip Hop goodness are waiting for you now.

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OONOPS MIX PART (0:00 min – 50:22 min)
01 Repete23 – Suckaz
02 Kista&Glad2Mecha – Who Got The Props
03 Ice Cube – It Was A Good Day
04 Dusty Donuts – Funny High
05 Lewis Parker – Incognito
06 MF Doom X Damu The Fudgemunk featuring Insight – Coco Mango, Sliced & Diced (Boy Scout Remix)
07 Bahamadia – Spontaneity
08 Finsta Bundy – Finsta Baby
09 Kazumi Kaneda featuring Float Jam- 3dimentionz
10 Dweller – Smoking Rings
11 Choi featuring Guilty Simpson – Hip Hop Saved My Life
12 Vice Beats featuring Jaz Kahina & Nutty P – Bring It Back
13 Smoove – As If (Smoove’s Latin Remix)
14 Cypress Hill – We Ain’t Goin Out Like This
15 Samooo – Wreck’d
STINOE GUEST MIX (50:22 min – 1:33:07 min)
17 The Blackbyrds – Mother / Son Bedroom Talk
18 Blu & Exile – Simply Amazin’
19 Scienze – Charlie Brown
20 James Wavey – Soul Music
21 Horror City – Take It How You Want It
22 Celph Titled & Buckwild – Where I Are
23 The Alps Cru – Just Can’t Explain
24 DJ Suspect & Doc TMK featuring Teekay DFE – Rockwell
25 Umang – Mic Operator
26 Blabbermouf & SQB – Get High
27 Glad2Mecha & Ill Treats featuring Psycho Les – So Many Styles
28 The Good People – A Summer Night At The Symphony
29 Cesar Comanche – Get Ready
30 A.Y.E. – Get Down
31 George Fields – How It Went Down
32 Gift Of Gab featuring R.A. The Rugged Man & A-F-R-O – Freedom Form Flowing
PAUL DE LOECKER GUEST MIX (1:33:07 min – 2:18:28 min)
33 BBC Excerpt from the documentary “Man Alive: The Bronx is Burning”
34 Peter Gunz & Lord Tariq Deja Vu (Uptown Baby)
35 David Upshal (Narrator) & Kool Herc Excerpt from the documentary “The Hip-Hop Years” by David Upshal (for Channel 4)
36 Krs-One Excerpt from the documentary “Rhyme & Reason” by Peter Spirer
37 Fat Joe The Shit Is Real (DJ Premier Remix)
38 Peter Gunz Excerpt from the documentary “Big Pun – The Legacy” by Vlad Yudin
39 G.D. (Ghetto Dwellas) Ghetto Dwellas (from the documentary “SBX! Holding Down The Tradition” by Jun Ohki)
40 French Montana Excerpt from “97 Seconds: French Montana” by HOT97
41 French Montana Shot Caller (Prod. by Harry Fraud)
42 French Montana Interview (while driving through The Bronx) by vitaminwater + Fader
43 Showbiz & AG Next Level (Nyte Time)
44 Ving Rhames (Narrator) , Marley Marl, MC Shan, KRS-One Several excerpts from the documentary “Beef” by Peter Spirer,
including songs “The Bridge” & “South Bronx”
45 Showbiz & AG South Bronx Shit
46 BBC Excerpt from the documentary “Man Alive: The Bronx is Burning”
47 Diamond D feat. Sadat X, C-Low, K-Terrible, Severe Feel It
48 Fat Joe Interview (on Big Pun) by Tim Westwood
49 Big Pun Beware
50 News Reporter & Big Pun Excerpt from the documentary “Big Pun – The Legacy” by Vlad Yudin
51 Grand Wizard Theodore Excerpt from the documentary “Scratch” by Doug Pray
52 Grand Wizard Theodore Interview by Cannabis Cup
53 Diamond D When It Pours It Rains
54 Jennifer Lopez Jenny From The Block
55 Jennifer Lopez Excerpt from “Behind The Music” by VH1
56 Slick Rick & Doug E Fresh La Di Da Di
57 Camp Lo Luchini
58 Fat Joe Bronx Keeps Creating It
59 Lord Finesse feat. Marquee, Diamond D, AG Speak Ya Peace
60 Narrator Excerpt from the documentary “Boxumentary: The Awakening”
61 Lillo Brancatio (as Calogero “C” Anello) Excerpt from the feature film “A Bronx Tale” by Robert De Niro
FALK SCHACHT GUEST MIX (2:18:28 min – 3:32:41 min)
62 Unknown tracklist

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