#30thAnniversary – O.G. Style “I Know How to Play ‘Em”

There is no denying the influence Rap-A-Lot Records had on the Houston and southern hip hop scene. Some people even credit the label launched by J. Prince in 1987 as the greatest hip hop label of all time. But other than the big acts like The Geto Boys (more from them coming later this year), solo albums from Scarface or Devin The Dude, some releases from Rap-A-Lot didn’t break through internationally and ended up being almost forgotten. This is the case with that album from Eric ‘Original E’ Woods and DJ Big Boss aka O.G. Style, the only project they put out together. They sadly both passed away in 2008 and 2006 respectively. Every 90’s rap fanatics should like a couple of tracks from that album, so stream it on your favorite platform below and enjoy!

Full album on YouTube:

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    • Catch ‘Em Slippin

Mr Dan & The RawSoul

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