Nicole Moudaber Interview

Queen of Techno Nicole Moudaber made her debut at Output in Brooklyn on September 14 to a sold out crowd. Fans of all ages came hungry for Moudaber’s bass-heavy selections on Output’s flawless Funktion One sound system.

It was hard not to notice Moudaber’s energy in the DJ booth. Having just played EDC in Puerto Rico the night before and the Roxy in Orlando on September 12, she was prepped and ready to take over the space and did not stop, even after an anxious attendee pulled the fire alarm.

Were you surprised that you played to a sold out crowd at Output Brooklyn on Saturday night?

I couldn’t believe how much love I have from my favorite city in the world. It marked me actually, because New York is where it all started for me. The city paved the way for what I do today from promoting to producing to DJing. Playing a 6 hour set, locked in with everyone under one roof speaking one language was very religious.

You’ve earned high praise from DJ royalty like Pete Tong and Carl Cox who both agree that you’re a “rising star” in the industry. How does it feel to be called the “Queen of Techno”?

I got labeled with it and will accept it royally, thank you!

Your relationship with electronic music began with promoting parties in NYC. Do you think NY was a catalyst in your decision to start DJing?

Without a doubt. New York propelled my love for house music, lead me to get into this scene and industry. She took me by the hand and never let me go. I’m so grateful to her 😉

Do you find that the time you spent in Africa and the Middle East growing up affects your style as a DJ?

Percussion and drums are the main elements in both continents and it’s omnipresent in my productions and sets. I can’t get away from it, it’s the core of what I do and translate musically.

What record could you not live without? If not one, top five?

Recently I can’t stop playing “The Mile” by On/Off.

Who/what inspires your sound?

People, life, design, personal experiences, nature and humanity.

What other genres are you listening aside from what you play out?

I listen to everything, from flamenco to salsa to R&B and pop.

You’ve had a residency at Carl Cox’s weekly party at Space Ibiza for the last few years. Is this your favorite venue to play out? If not, what is and why?

I’ve been a regular guest for four consecutive years now. Space is my home in Ibiza. It all began that summer when Carl invited me to play; I remember clearly it was a warm up set before Bushwacka and Carl. I’ve come a long way, as my last show last Tuesday at Space ended up in a Back2Back set with Carl which was unreal.

You’ve played parties in the US, Montreal, Rio, Bulgaria. Where do you hope to go next?

A long South American tour scheduled for the early part of 2014. I’m really looking forward to it! I’ve only been to Colombia so far “to play,” which I loved. Also I have a great affinity with Latin America. It must be the caliente vibe which is very much what I’m about :)”

What can you tell us about MOOD Records?

It’s a creative outlet for me, for established artists and new comers alike. From house all the way to techno, MOOD will release groovy chunky interesting records that must be heard.

Who would you most like to collaborate with in the future?

I have many collaborations in the pipeline, stay tuned.

What does 2014 hold?

Many interesting projects on the horizon, MOOD radio sessions, MOOD parties worldwide as well as promoting parties. I’m going back to my roots a bit next year, invite the DJs and producers I love and throw parties for everyone to have a great time. Will have loads of original releases as well on Drumcode and Intec. I call them ‘mum & dad’!

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