Million Voice

This new joint from Muthoni Drummer Queen is a certified hit! The track is called Million Voice and it’s a reggae-tinged, clubby anthem that celebrates the plight of everyday people trying to live a decent life against any and all odds. Although the song was written from a Kenyan perspective I think that we can all relate. This is song is definitely timely commentary on the state of the world right about now. On that note, we would like to big up Muthoni for bringing political and social commentary back into dance music. Sometimes we forget that there was a time when hip hop was simultaneously the driving soundtrack at clubs and the most potent amplifier for a woke perspective. Maybe it’s time a reboot?! Muthoni we see you!

Big ups also go out to the Swiss production duo – GR and HOOK – for this thick, addictive sound and a next level great arrangement. We’re definitely gonna be keeping an eye you guys. BTW the full length that this joint was taken from will be dropping on October 27 – update your calendars!

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