Meet Milo & Otis

Milo Otis

Meet Milo & Otis. Upon first meeting as freshmen at Brown University, Milo & Otis discovered their shared passion for music-making and live performance. They decided to let that shit marinate for five years before moving to Chicago and cooking up their first EP (Holiday!) in December 2011. Since settling in the Windy City, Milo & Otis have made a name for themselves in the up-and-coming music scene. Milo plays poetry & loop machines. Otis quite literally plays everything, especially bass. After seeing M&O live shows, fans marvel at how such massive sound could possibly come from such skinny people. Fans also claim to experience what they call “feelings” and often describe said “feelings” as intense, visceral, and chest-quaking.

Simply put, Milo & Otis are adventure soul music: a road trip for your mind, a whizzing subway car for your heart, and sometimes even a party limo for your tuckus.

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