Matt Shadetek – Purple Flowers EP


The release of Matt Shadetek‘s new album The Empire Never Ended is just around the corner (March 26th on Dutty Artz). On the Valentines Day the Brooklyn producer already put out a little gift for his fans. There’s a previously unheard mix and alternate versions which re-imagine his 2010 project Flowers as baby-making music for paranoid shut-ins. Dragging Flowers to a halftime crawl Shadetek connects the dots between the bouncing effervescence of Flowers and the heavier, darker tone of Empire. In addition to the mix the Purple Flowers EP features remixes from Dubbel Dutch, Lamin Fofana & DJ Shiftee.


1. Purple Flowers (slowed and chopped by Matt Shadetek) 39:23
2. iHop (Dubbel Dutch Remix) 04:57
3. We Will Go Home (Lamin Fofana Remix) 03:01
4. Funny Cats (Shiftee Remix) 05:18

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