Lucho Neves – Mambo De Machaguay


Tiger’s Milk Records is the brain child of the founders of Ceviche, a much lauded Peruvian restaurant based in London’s Soho. As deep connoisseurs of Peruvian culture, Tiger’s Milk Records was conceived as a means of sharing Peru’s rich and multi-faceted music, both past and present. The label’s debut full-length release will be a collection entitled Peru Maravilloso. Painstakingly researched to uncover a host of rare chicha, salsa, rock, psych and one-off fusions, the album was compiled by Ceviche boss Martin Morales along with Duncan Ballantyne (Soundway Records, Far Out, Naive) and Andres Tapia (of Peru’s Resychled Records). Whether you’re completely new to the music or a hardy collector, it’s an incredible snapshot of one of the most vibrant eras in Peruvian music history.

Peru Maravilloso will be out November 12th on Tiger’s Milk, in association with Strut. You can stream one of the tracks from the collection, “Mambo De Machaguay” by Lucho Neves, below.

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