Kyle Rapps – SUB


A New York City fixture since 2003, Мишка (“Mishka,” or “bear cub” in Russian) clawed their own path through the often homogenous streetwear world, beginning humbly as a small t-shirt upstart and maturing into a full blown cut & sew powerhouse. They regularly release fresh music and here’s their newest output!

SUB is a mixture of classic boom bap sensibilities, tight lyricism, and allusions to some of the hyped up laser driven production of today. Think Def Jux, Anticon, or Rhymesayers in their respective heydays. Songs that audibly bridge the experience of fucking around on the block and lounging in the veranda. Featuring guest spots from Action Bronson, Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire, and Aaron Cohen; SUB is a record for the summer, wherever you are.

I wanted to come with a record that could make suburban hood niggas feel proud, while still showing love to Harlem where I stay. My friend Belief came through with all the production on the tape. Post-Apocalypse boom bap shit, with non-corny sprinkles of trap and electro. I think we dug a little deeper without being all over intellectual and shit.

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