YC The Cynic & Frank Drake Debut Album

Help out Bronx-bred YC The Cynic and his producer Frank Drake release their debut album the right way. With proper mixing, packaging and promotion. Any support is appreciated. Whether its $1 or $5000. Here’s what YC had to say about his Kickstarter:

“This album (GNK) was written at a really important time in my life. A 2-year stretch where I began to question everything I thought I knew about anything. Specifically, the things we put the most faith in. So, you’ll hear a lot of doubt and confusion, a lot of opinion, a lot of truth, historical fact and falsehoods, all in the form of the best tunes we’ve ever made. We really aimed to properly represent the thoughts of ourselves and our generation. There will be things you agree with, and definitely things you disagree with, but I think that’s the beauty of music, and life itself.” -YC The Cynic

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