JusMoni x WD4D – Queen Feel EP


Queen Feel is the debut album from Seattle to Oakland transplant JusMoni and her producer / deejay WD4D.  A true collaborative effort, this album finds both artists pushing their boundaries and soaring to new heights.

The EP was released at the end of last summer, garnering many great reviews and extensive radio support. The duo is now taking it a step further with the release of Queen Feel [Deluxe], packaging both the original album with 11 new remixes from a handful of talented producers. The 11 remixers are OCnotes, Sabzi, Kid Smpl, Benito, eLan, Keyboard Kid, The Flavr Blue, Suttikeeree, Introcut & WD4D, Kid P, and Benny Loco. Everybody involved truly has a unique take on each remix.  Sure to hit home with a diverse crowd of listeners, this is a mission accomplished!

DOWNLOAD JusMoni x WD4D – “Queen Feel [Deluxe]


1. A Limit
2. Like A Tattoo
3. Get Out
4. Take All Night Again
5. Queen Feel
6. Here For You (ft. AFLIGHT)
7. Like A Tattoo (Kid Smpl Remix)
8. Like A Tattoo (Keyboard Kid Bvsed Mixxx)
9. Get Out (Suttikeeree Remix)
10. Get Out (The Flavr Blue Remix)
11. Get Out (Sabzi’s Queen Silk Remix)
12. Take All Night Again (Kid Presentable Electric Sheep Mix)
13. Take All Night Again (OCnotes Remix)
14. Queen Feel (Introcut x WD4D Remix)
15. Queen Feel (Benny Loco Remix)
16. Here For You (eLan Remix)
17. Here For You (Benito Remix)

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