Robot Koch on Particle Fields

The beauty in Robot Koch’s music is its fearless commitment to uninhibited evolution. Every time a new record comes out we bare witness to a sonic revelation, and yet it still sounds like a Robot Koch record. This Friday the world will get to hear his latest full length entitled Particle Fields, written in collaboration with the…
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Grandmaster Flash Is Still Rockin’ On the Wheels of Steel

The birth of hip-hop is said to have taken place at some point in the early ’70s, more specifically at a birthday party in the Bronx where a young Clive Campell (aka DJ Kool Herc) could be heard making magic happen on the 1s and 2s. Other pioneers of the movement include Afrika Bambaataa, The Sugarhill…
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You might’ve heard of YZNO earlier on this through his beat anthem aptly entitled “Brooklyn”. It did quite a bit of damage in the blogosphere, and ricocheted through soundcloud like a stray. Or maybe you caught him under the Jazzo moniker, churning out heat alongside a man called Melodiesinfonie. YZNO comes from a Zurich based…
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The Invisibl Skratch Piklz Found Their First Album on The 13th Floor

Many believed the incomparable hip-hop DJ band the Invisibl Skratch Piklz would never be heard from again after they parted ways in the late nineties. But several years ago, a few of the original members started playing shows in Cali and then last year, Piklz members DJ D-Styles, DJ QBert and DJ Shortkut were among the…
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Adrian Younge Is Keeping It Real

The spectrum of artists putting out original, innovative material these days is limited. Too many take the easy road, relying on the ever popular “all-in-one” package for their production needs. Adrian Younge is the antithesis of these drones with their seemingly lackluster work ethic. Younge is highly sought after for his ability to recreate the lush, warm…
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264 Records

We’ve got something fresh coming up from Dubai-based The 264 Cru. They recently formed their own label 264 Records and focus on releasing regional and international talent. Following from the label’s debut release of Tunisian producer AELI’s Late Future Calls LP, the second release is a diversions 01 from Red Bull Music Academy affiliate CEE. The EP was…
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