Iñigo Ugarteburu – For The Unknown


Ok, listen! You need to give me a 20 minutes of your time and check out this guy Inig Ugarteburu. Yeah I know that sounds like a mouthful, but his music is some sort of weird twisted version of Jose Gonzales or if you need an American metaphor, then imagine Jack Johnson on shrooms!? here’s what the official bio says:

Drawing from a rich well of Spanish folk influence and accented with a fresh, sparingly minimal aesthetic, Iñigo uses a broad palette of guitar, horns and woodwind, ukulele, harmonium, euphonium and strings to craft eight filigree instrumentals of often heartbreaking and deeply memorable quality. 

He recorded For The Unknown with the cream of the Chicago jazz scene, including the original bass player of The Roots. It’s available free for download or on 180 g vinyl with silkscreened covers:

DOWNLOAD and ORDER Iñigo Ugarteburu – For The Unknown here!

Fun fact: The vinyl was mastered and cut by the same guy who does the mastering for Four Tet and James Blake.

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