HJ7 Blends #13 (DJ Show-Ya)

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This month on HJ7 Blends, DJ Show-Ya takes us through a number of his favorite instrumentals and vocal cuts on vinyl. The mix prominently features music from J Dilla, music inspired by his work and some new underground Japanese Hip Hop singles.

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Jay Dee – Swagger (Instrumental)
Jay Dee – Strugling
DJ Mitu The Beats – Cultivated
Potatohead People – Love Hz
Hazel – For You
Potatohead People – Messenger (Feat. Illa J & MokaOnly)
Illa J – Sunflower (Feat. Allie)
Potatohead People – Blue Charms
DJ Mitu the beats – All Work Out
Illa J – French Kiss
Redefinition – Bahia Affair (Feat. Nardosays)
Budamunk & Joe Styles – Universal Love (Feat. Allison Jones)
Illsugi – Two Thirty Two
Budamunk & Joe Styles – Buds styles Part. 2 (Feat. DJ IQ) (Co Prod. Illsugi)
Illsugi – View is Blue
Bugseed – You Never Know
MC Gost – Hand Me The Crown (Feat. Gforce)
Era – Space Colony
Dregs One & Illsugi – One Way
Bugseed – Misty
Budamunk & Illsugi – She (Feat. Mimismooth)
Budamunk × Takumi Kaneko × Mimismooth – Yumeka Makotoka (Remix)
Potathead People – Mellow tune

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