Hip Hop Journal Episode 64

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HHJ #64 is here with a new batch of fresh underground Hip Hop tracks selected by DJ Stikmand. Music from The Bad Seed, Meyhem Lauren, Westside Gunn, Conway, Benny The Butcher, AZ, O.C. KRS-One, Heem, Rick Hyde, DJ Premier, Slick Rick, Comet MadMen, Tone Spliff, Crimeapple, Maxo Kream, K-Prez, Kool G Rap, Method Man and a lot more!

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01 Funk Flex w/ The Bad Seed (prod. by Snoowgoons)
02 Times Is Rough w/ Benny The Butcher, Heem & Rick Hyde (prod. by DJ Premier)
03 The Root Of All w/ DJ Premier, Slick Rick & Lil Wayne (prod. by DJ Premier)
04 Trigger Point Therapy w/ Meyhem Lauren & Westside Gunn (prod. by Daringer)
05 Strictly For My People w/ Kurious & DJ Doo Wop (prod. by Team Demo)
06 February 6 w/ The Bad Seed (prod. by Team Demo)
07 Remy Rap w/ DJ Premier, Remy Ma & Rapsody (prod. by DJ Premier)
08 Represent The Real w/ AZ, O.C. KRS-One & DJ Flip (prod. by Stylistic Murder & Wax100)
09 Premium Edition w/ Comet MadMen & Tone Spliff (prod. by Tone Spliff)
10 Green Light w/ K-Prez (prod. by Asethic)
11 Red Pesto w/ Meyhem Lauren & Conway (prod. by Daringer)
12 Dolla After Dolla w/ UFO FEV & Cortez (prod. by Crisis)
13 Four Finger Ring w/ The Bad Seed (prod. by Murda Megz)
14 Football Heads w/ Maxo Kream & Benny The Butcher (prod. by Kal Banx)
15 Pageants w/ El Gant & Ras Kass (prod. by Marco Polo)
16 Better Mood w/ Innocent, Terror Van Poo, Honey Dinero, The Bad Seed & John Jiggs (prod. by Encore)
17 A Beautiful Mind w/ The Bad Seed & Tone Spliff (prod. by Team Demo)
18 Horses On Sunset w/ Westside Gunn & Stove God Cooks (prod. by Madlib)
19 40 Days, 40 Nights w/ Crimeapple (prod. by DJ Skizz)
20 Osiris w/ MC Ren (prod. by Tha Chill & Ferhan C)
21 Liquid w/ Thrax The Upmost (prod. by A-Rush)
22 The Definition w/ Kool G Rap, Taiyamo Denku, Al Skratch & DJ Audas (prod. by DJ Audas)
23 K.A.S.E. w/ Method Man, Hanz On & Carlton Fisk (prod. by Justin Trugman)

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