Hidden Gems (August 2014)


Another long summer month with a massive amount of new music. We’ve picked a few obvious ones as well as some underground tunes that were spinning in heavy rotation at our office. Let’s jump right into it, shall we?


We’ll start with a groovy mash-up, courtesy of Gummy Soul. Perfect to play as the summer winds down, enjoy their disco vibe version of Outkast‘s “Da Art of Storytellin”!

Check the Holidays EP of NCY Milky Band! True to it’s name, it has this funky and warm vibe that will make you feel you are in holidays again… Rappers junclassic and Cotchei also took part in the project!

Lucid is a female duo based in the Netherlands combining Hiphop, Soul and R&B. Celebration is the third single off their album Poisoned Pawns set to be released in October.

It’s always special getting something new from Shabazz Palaces. The video of #CAKE is full of city streets, abandoned buildings, dark atmosphere, giants and a faceless person, but in the end it’s all a bit hard to explain, so you better take a look for yourself.

Baby Blue Bic is the latest single from Rhode Island native Falside. You may know him from productions for Juan Deuce & Action Bronson, but on this one he goes back to the 80s as we hear infectious synthesiser melodies.

New York producer Blockhead is back with fresh new material, this time going completely independent. Here’s the first single off his upcoming album, titled Kaput!

Bilal‘s latest single, “Sirens II,” see him crooning over an Adrian Younge song – the same that was the basis for Jay Z’s Picasso Baby off Magna Carta… Holy Grail.

Influenced by classic brazilian music of the 60’s and 70’s, the Bahia Affair EP blends elements of bossa percussion with MPC beats and ample Fender Rhodes licks. Sampled elements remain but play a background role in the mix: providing the accents between live horns and guitar solos that give the project an added organic texture..

Metronom is the first solo-album by FloFilz. Soulful beats are just something we can’t get enough off! Here’s his first music video for his trackfor Nomind.

This month we also saw Gabriel Heatwave settin’ the vibe nicely with the biggest dancehall and basement tunes of the summer!

J*Davey is back. The electronic/funk duo of Brook D’leau and Jack Davey come correct with Love? Yeah! – an uptempo, electro-funk song with  synthesisers and of course the vocals of Jack Davey!

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