Help De La Soul Reach 10K Backers on Kickstarter!

In less than a month, De La Soul has reached 9,313 and $499,028 (as of right this minute), towards their goal to fund a new studio album. They reached their original pledged goal of $110,000 in record time and hope to hit 10,000 backers and $500,000 before the deadline eight days from today. They are officially the third most funded music project on Kickstarter.

There are still so many amazing rewards left to claim, including an amazing De La Soul print, by none other than Dan Lish, for $70, an autographed copy of the new album and exclusive De La Soul t-shirt for $100, or you could even throw in $5 love bucks and receive a thank you email for your support.

What do you think? Can we help them get there? Be a part of this amazing project to fund their first album in too many years. All you have to do is click here.

As a bonus, you get a free download of their new track “God It” featuring Brooklyn’s own Nas. This track will not be included on the new album, but the guys wanted to share some new music for those of us who can’t wait any longer. If for some reason you have yet to plug in, check it.

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