Help Bring The Notorious B.I.G. Back To Brooklyn!

In his short life, the Notorious B.I.G. created a vast and dynamic body of work that started with his masterwork album, “Ready to Die.” One Grand Gallery has attempted to pay respect to the unlimited ways this album has inspired, influenced and affected the artists, designers and makers in our society since it’s release in 1994. Presenting the works of artists such as Listen04, Scott Patt and Joel Colley, Ready To Die: A Group Show has manifested in painting, sculpture and installation the dynamic lyricism and vivid imagery that the album and Biggie have inspired.

Whether it is an illustration of the iconic painterly Coogi sweater the rapper was so well known for wearing or the “money-green leather sofa” he rapped about, Biggie and the Ready to Die album offer an unlimited source of creative inspiration and artistic license. The album presents hardship and struggle among humor and poetic symbolism, all testaments to the genuine talent that Biggie possessed that was as relevant in 1994 as it is today.

Join One Grand Gallery in celebrating Biggie and 20 years of his work at Ready To Die: A Group Show and help us get the show to Brooklyn, NY.! Donate to the Kickstarter campaign here and learn about all the amazing rewards your generous donations will earn you!


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