#HeavyRotation – K, Le Maestro “WHIP MUSIC”

Available now on Jakarta Records!

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Via Bandcamp – With great notoriety for his reworks across SoundCloud, London native, K, Le Maestro has forged an undeniable signature sound for himself. Mixing old school with new, K has really set himself up to becoming a great in the next few years. His knack for sampling records and programming knocking drums, this is nothing new for K, Le Maestro. At only 22 years old, he has come a long way from making beats for himself in his bedroom to having his edits widespread across the internet and garnering popularity in the outside world among DJs and music heads alike.

Inspired by greats such as J Dilla, Madlib, Black Milk and more, K is on pace to becoming a legendary producer in his own right. With cosigns from respected Hip-Hop figures to respected labels such as Soulection.

As of 2019, K has been gearing up to release his debut album via Jakarta Records. This LP is on pace to defining K, Le Maestro’s sound outside of doing edits and reworks as well as showcasing his versatility as a producer as well as his taste as an artist.

K, Le Maestro is truly a maestro of his art; fusing between different genres while maintaining the signature knock that his instrumentals provide. From his roots in Hip-Hop to expanding to genres such as R&B and even funk/dance, K has a fine tuned ear for beats and rhythms that will get your body moving and elevate your mood.

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