#HeavyRotation – DJ HARRISON “Tales from the Old Dominion”

Available now on Stones Throw Records!

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Via Stones Throw – Tales from the Old Dominion is the second album from DJ Harrison, Richmond VA producer, and player of every instrument in the house. Three years in the making, this album reflects how Harrison hears the South and moves through the world. He reimagines decades of soul, funk, rock, R&B, hip-hop, and other Black music, striving for personal peace despite centuries of racial injustice. Warm, syrupy neo-soul descended Voodoo-era D’Angelo, soulful gothic folk, futuristic disco, breakbeats and rubbery basslines, spaced-out hip-hop—Harrison creates a unique but cohesive collage, reaching back while he looks ahead. We think Tales from the Old Dominion will sound fresh in any era, but we’ll take it one era at a time. Enjoy.

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