#HeavyRotation – BudaMunk & J.Lamotta “Searching Skies”

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Via Bandcamp – The sustained success of J.Lamotta’s varied career – from her solo releases “Brand New Choice” (2020) and “Suzume” (2019) to her features with Suff Daddy and others – has made the Berlin / Tel Aviv artist a growing international name. She keeps the prolific momentum moving with “Searching Skies”, the collaborative album with Tokyo-based producer-mastermind BudaMunk, to drop via Jakarta Records on November 5th, 2021.

Musically, the LP merges Lamotta’s iconic R&B, jazz-meets-Neo-Soul aesthetics with BudaMunks laid-back, perfectly imperfect lo-fi hip-hop productions. The collaboration couldn’t come at a better time, as J.Lamotta sees her loyal fanbase growing in Japan. Meanwhile, BudaMunk’s consistency for perfectly-imperfect productions have made him a master of the relaxed flow rhythm that stays fresh and keeps you nodding.

The first single, “Eyes To The Skies”, drops September 24th and is full of warbly keys, angelic pads and thick drums. With the sweet-as-dates voice of Lamotta the song floats, making the listener feel as if they’re in the skies themselves. The single is accompanied by beautiful visuals by Tokyo-based multimedia studio Damn Good Productions and 8mL, and is a perfect vibe for the onset of chillier weather. The second single is the heavenly, swinging, percussive-heavy “Put It Aside”, featuring vocal melodies that warp into peculiar sounds that defy auditory recognition… yet tingle with nostalgic familiarity.

“Searching Skies” truly is a synthesis of great artists and collaborators; effortlessly combining heady productions and angelic neo-soul influenced vocals. J.Lamotta & BudaMunk have a finely tuned ear to blissfully bring together their different influences. The LP will surely have you swaying along.

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