Hard In Da Paint (Mixtape Contest)

Over the last month, we hosted a mixtape contest with Mixcloud. About a week ago, we locked ourselves into our little chambers and kept listening to the top submissions and tried to make some sort of ranking. Well, on Monday we announced the winners on Mixcloud – today we tell you who we picked as winners. Congratulations to everyone!

1. Playground 4 – by Julesx

Like the best halftime show you will ever see. Ridiculous, feel-good mixtape crossing many genres always with a hip hop twist. Going effortlessly from hiphop to Elvis, Madonna or The Prodigy and back, this mix that leaves on the edge of your seat, constantly wondering what will happen next.

2. Hard In Da Paint – by Dj_Double_M

Like a good fastbreak. This mix has a solid party breaks selection with a few surprises and quick transitions.

3. HarmonicOscillator#0004 – by Shamalo

Like playing an afternoon of pick-up basketball at the park. Top notch selection of beats tied together with solid mixing. A pure & honest hip hop jam session.

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