Flamingo FM w/ Teki Latex & Fei Fei

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You rarely find Jubilee alone at Red Bull Studios NYC recording her Flamingo FM shows. Not much changed this time, when Teki Latex & Fei Fei jump in for guest mixes. Enjoy!

Tracklisting Jubilee 00.00 – 00:15

Murlo –
Anna Luna – BDD (Jubilee Remix)
Gnucci – A.Rab (Jubilee & Rizzla Remix)
Addison Grove – Keyhole

Tracklisting Teki Latex 00:15 – 1:19

Ryan Paris – Italo Disco
Terrence Parker – Why After All This
MMM – Que Barbaro
Mc Bin Laden – Bololo Hahaha
Sudanim – Sound Pelle
Soda Plains – A1 Rushes
Privacy – Always On
Planetes – Vintage
Kowton – Jam 05
Gang Fatale – Hotel Vobes (Island Edit)
Landerhoff – Doline
Jack Fell Down – Overrated (Matrixxman Remix)
Tommy Four Seven – FFFFF
Aero Manyelo – Kharale
Loom – Fukushima
Bloom – Vessel
Novelist X Mumdance – Shook
Taskforce – Domain Awareness System (Nguzugungu Remix)
Moleskin – Imagine (Handsome Boy Lifestyle)
Ashanti – Only You (Gundam Remix)
Joe – Claptrap
Gage – Bad Bitch Feat Kevin Jz Prodigy
Claude Speed – Ambien Rave
Matthias Zimmerman – Neil
Paul Nazca – Under The Map
Bambonou – Feel Like This
Toy Gun – Martel Ferdan

Tracklisting Fei-Fei 1:19 – 2:00

Fei-Fei – Born
Rustle – Raptor
Schoolboy Q – Man Of The Year (Price Remix)
Spinee – Pretty Green
Village – Neon Rave
Jacques Greene – No Excuse (Yung Gud VIP Remix)
Addison Grove – Bad Things Feat Spankrock
Bad Jokes – I Want You
Tom Trago & Bok Bok – Pussy Track
Plastikman – Spastik
DJ Funk – I’m So High
Dismantle – Computation
Five Knives – Reminder
A.G. Cook – Beautiful (Rustie Edit)
Fei Fei – Hold You
Kitty – Miss U (Squishy Squirtle Remix)
Danny Brown – LTO Remix
Montgomery – War Cry (Jawz Remix)
Fei-Fei – Little White Lies

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