#30thAnniversary – Downtown Science “Downtown Science”

This project from Bosco Money and Sam Sever aka Downtown Science is the only one they ever released together. Out via Def Jam in 1991 (We don’t even know the exact date!), the album flopped completely and got lost in the sea of good LP’s that came out that year. It’s pretty hard to explain since it’s a solid effort with great rhymes and a lot of dope beats. Dive back in and enjoy this underground lost classic!

Full album on YouTube:

Playlist with the videos:

  • This Is a Visit
  • Radioactive
  • Room to Breathe

Playlist with remixes & versions from the “Big Yellow 12-Inch”:

  • If I Was (Main Shimmy)
  • If I Was (Dub Shimmy)
  • This Is A Visit (Hardhead Mix)
  • The Topic Drift (Remix)

Mr. Dan & The Rawsoul

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