Devine Carama – What’s Love

Today, Devine Carama released his second offering from his upcoming collaboration project with Lexington producer Jet Taylor entitled, The Glorious BIG. The name of the track is called “What’s Love” featuring Lexington, KY wordsmith Fredd C and vocals from an old Luis Farrakhan speech.

“Anybody that has ever been apart of the rap game in any capacity knows how cut throat the business is. Living in a small hip hop market like Lexington, KY we deal with the “crab in a bucket” mentality more times than not. Young vs.old, conscious vs gangsta, lyrical vs melodic, etc. Fredd C (who is is 15 years my junior) & I wanted to show unity with the content of the record but also within the collaboration itself. He’s an MC representing the newer wave while I’m from an older era but that doesn’t mean we can’t come together to make great music in the name of our LOVE for the culture!”

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