Dego “The more things stay the same”

This project came out 2 months ago but I couldn’t let this one slide. Flawless new album from UK legend Dego on his label “2000 black“, the follow up to 2011 “A wha’ him deh pon“.

With a ton of releases under a plenitude of different names (4Hero, Nutmeg, Tek 9 and more), Dego’s always searching for a new sound and refuses to be categorized. This LP is more accessible than most of the music he put out in his career, but it’s no less futuristic and exceptional. It’s dance music with a touch of soul, jazz, funk, afrobeat, broken beat and probably more that I haven’t figure out yet! A serious contender for my top 5 albums of the year!

 Visit the bandcamp page to listen and buy “The more things stay the same“. You can also checkout this other fresh and excellent new release in a duo with Kaidi Tatham simply called “EP2” on Eglo records. If you wanna learn more about Dego’s career, go read this really interesting interview on FACT.

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