Dandy Teru


When we listened to his new album Adventures recently, we wanted a little insight into the mind behind the production. So we chased French producer Dandy Teru and got some more info about what makes him tick.

Hey, give us a quick intro of who you are, what you play and who you run with.

I’m Dandy Teru, french producer on Ubiquity Records, indie artistic director, radio host and selecter on Laid Back Radio. Born in 1984 near Toulouse down in the beautiful south of France. I play with my mind and mess around with music sometimes, in a hip hop style and also around jazz and trip hop vibes. I run with my partners in crime Supafuh and Quiet Dawn, the good people at Laid Back Radio, and my friends down in Toulouse.

What was the last physical record you bought?

The Thomas Crown Affair score by Michel Legrand, some Nicola Conte remix for Eli Goulart E Banda Do Mato, a Nuspirit Helsinki EP, Jabberloop 12″ from Mukatsuku Records, and a 70’s porn movies scores compilation. It’s been a while since I didn’t grab some wax records…

Your favourite new producer/artist you discovered in 2012?

Kirkis, bassist and producer, into psyche jazz and future jazz. I was amazed by his freedom in music and the way he puts himself in so much music worlds. Played him since last September in my radio shows called French Toast, on Laid Back Radio. I think you gonna heard from him quite soon, and loud.

Who would you most like to collaborate with?

Feist, because I’m a real fanatic of her music, she has a beautiful sense of composition and a crazy voice. Also Yann Tiersen, the french contemporary musician, because that’s a whole new world that could be opened with such a collaboration. And singers, rappers or fellow producers like Bosco, Mark de Clive Lowe, Hunger from Gagle…

What do you associate with Brooklyn?

I never been there before, sadly. Trying to hit NYC and the US in 2013 or 2014… But the name of Brookyln is directly connecting my brain to Mos Def “Black On Both Side” album. And also to the Brooklyn Nets now… but I’m more about the Knicks ahah 😉

Any new projects or releases on the horizon that we should know of?

Well, as you already know, ADVENTURES is coming out pretty pretty soon on Ubiquity Records, and already is able to be pre ordered. After that, a few vids to be released as well around ADVENTURES opus. And then I’m gonna get into the next things: Massive Suits Quartet (my other alias) next EP/LP, Quiet Dawn’s project, and a couple of other things… We’ll see. 🙂

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