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Daedelus & The Dusun Sessions

Bass Sekolah made waves previously on Brooklyn Radio — now they’re gearing up to release fresh material with a bunch of big name collaborators. The project is titled “The Dusun Sessions” and we’ve got some exclusive previews for you below, plus a short but intense interview with one person involved in the project – Daedelus of Low End Theory fame!

So Daedelus, how did this collaboration come about?

The Malaysian jungle is dank and full of sounds. The Dusun Session sprung not from resorting moments playing dead, but rather inspiration gained in time spent walking among the towering trees humid with spiky falling fruit.

What did you find most rewarding about this collaboration?
What was the most challenging?

It’s not the manicured space that some studios resemble. There isn’t a window or door to keep the life out of your room. For better or worse everything ends up in the microphone. It’s a refreshingly honest way to record.

Why is your song on the project meaningful to you?

Didn’t overthink the situation. Just felt humbled by nature and kind people who kept some of that nature at bay (think snakes). The song reflects that Malaysian place it was recorded and the shared places Cee and I were born (Germany and Los Angeles respectively).

Any embarrassing travel/airport stories from the trip?

The jungle is not the kind from Apocalypse Now, but it is out there. Wandering into village looking for tasty roadside treat, being schooled by locals on the proper way to eat curry with your right hand and being laughed at as a lefty (the left hand is usually reserved for other bodily functions).

Whats your most played music on your phone/ipod at the moment?

Whatever soundcloud washes in with the tide. Upstarts and veterans alike. Diversa, Goodnight Cody, KRNE, Nosaj Thing, Gaslamp Killer, Qrion.

If I ask you: What does it mean to be creative? Which musician/dj/producer comes to mind and why?

This is the big one. Often the what gets more thrift than the why. What are you pushing? but the question should be why are you trying to add this to the already starting pile of todays sounds, much less the combine million minutes of music history… Being creative means answering the entropy of the universe with an act of creation. It feels foolish at times, but when you feel that call you really must pickup and answer accordingly.

Why do you do what you do? What makes everything worth it?

I must; and it helps that there are moments like those in the jungle that I feel very privileged in taking part.

Who in your circle of creative friends would you want us to interview and why?

With the right questions everyone has something interesting to say. I’d add to your list everyone who is playing with sound as an emotional force, not just club siren.

Any other projects you want to plug?

This is a good place to start. Thank you for shining bright lights on!

The Dusun Sessions are available for download here.

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