Chairman Mao – All 45s Set


Chairman Mao recently hit the decks for an all 45 set at Mobile Mondays and Red Bull Music Academy Radio taped it. Enter Chairman Mao:

Last week, I was invited to spin alongside my esteemed colleagues Bobbito Garcia, DJ Amir, and Operator EMZ, Natasha Diggs and the rest of the crew from Mobile Mondays at the RBMA-ego trip Filmmatic after party. MM’s format is strictly 45s, so that’s what I played – classic funk, breaks, hip-hop and boogie joints (many of ‘em sounding at +8, because… that’s just how shit goes at a party sometimes). Anyways, RBMA Radio had the tape running and threw it up online, so here it is…

See the covers from all the records spun right here:

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