Bio Ritmo – Picaresca


The enfants terribles of salsa are back! As a foretaste of their new album expected for the end of the year, Bio Ritmo cranks up the summer heat on this first instrumental single, ‘Picaresca’, a high voltage descarga combining the best spirit of tradition between Salsa and Latin jazz, with these funky spices, trademark of the band.

The original idea and the choice of the track title comes from Giustino Riccio, who explains:

A while ago a Colombian friend of mine told me that I have the eyes of a pícaro. I believe that she meant this as a compliment! I had heard the word and it’s descendants (picaroon etc) before but out of curiosity I researched it’s derivation. I read about the old Spanish “picaresque” novels such as La Celestina and others and immediately fell in love with the characters involved. I’ve always been a big fan of classic samurai and american cowboy movies so the similarities to many Toshiro Mifune and Clint Eastwood anti-heroes were obvious. When I had the first ideas of this new song in my head I felt like it should have a raucous and untamed (albeit en clave) sound. I felt like the title was appropriate.

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