The Best Of A Tribe Called Quest V.1 by DJ Platurn

DJ Platurn gets down and dirty on this hour long journey through the world of A Tribe Called Quest. Crafted on a 6 track with all original vinyl sources, Platurn merges classic Tribe tracks, their original sample sources and re-interpretations into a seamless piece of hip hop history.

Listen here:

“DJ Platurn’s ‘Tribe’ mix was a huge inspiration for me in the editorial process of making the film ‘Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels Of A Tribe Called Quest’. This mix has an elegance and flow that all ‘Tribe’ & music fans will absolutely appreciate and enjoy.” – Michael Rapaport |

“Done with style, flair and class, Platurn really did one of the greatest rap groups of all time justice with this tribute mix. Growing up on Tribe, this mix will make you realize just how timeless their music is.” – Cosmo Baker |

“I just finished listening to DJ Platurn’s ‘The Best of ATCQ’ and I must say, I felt like a passenger on an hour long musical journey. With Platurn at the driver’s seat, this sonic excursion took me back to a time when BEATS and RHYMES defined my LIFE. Thank you Platurn for reminding me that what once was could be again. You successfully captured the spirit of ATCQ and I’m sure this mix will inspire listeners, like it did me. Thank you!” – Rob Swift |

It was originally released in 2005, and is now available officially, for free, from DJ Platurn and here » or if you are interested in supporting this mix financially, you can do so here »

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