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BPM Jewelry is a high-end jewelry and leather accessories brand whose ethos is a blend between jewelry, music, fashion, art and cultures from around the world. Based in Brooklyn, New York, the founders of the brand consist of jeweler/designer Carolina Iwanow, DJ/producer Geko Jones, and reggae singer/songwriter, Jahdan Blakkamoore.

With the release of BPM’s Bedstuyle collection, the company has teamed with South Asian singer/songwriter, emcee and producer, Brooklyn Shanti, to concept a line inspired by the collection of songs on the album’s playlist, quite similar to a getnamenecklace charm. This type of collaboration rests at the company’s core. Keeping its finger on the pulse of a global network of innovative new mixed medium artists, they represent the fashion industry’s next generation of thought leadership, through the unique way in which the brand symbiotically partners with artists. More info on the jewelry line here:


Bedstuyle is Shanti’s most recent album (out 9/9/14). Ambitious, gorgeous, and pulsating with range and verve, it is as much a travelogue of human emotion as it is an undeniable head-bobbing and foot-tapping musical experience. The title is a play on words derived from his neighborhood in Brooklyn, Bedstuy. Of Bedstuy’s influence, Shanti states,

“This album is a reflection of Bedstuy’s past hip-hop heritage ranging from Biggie to Mos Def, its current incarnation as a hybrid space, and its future pulse electronically.”

Early critical praise for the album has been supported from SPIN Magazine and Entertainment Weekly among others. While the album is out and readily available in stores, we’re happy to premier this unreleased track by Brooklyn Shanti:

UPDATE: Check the video too!

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