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Avery*Sunshine has been paying her dues and making her mark on the Atlanta independent music and entertainment scene for some time now. She has performed with many popular industry figures like Michael Bublé, David Forster and Anthony Hamilton and opened for non other than B.B. King at London’s Royal Albert Hall in 2011. She was chosen as iTunes 2010 BEST, was featured among “What We’re Listening To” on the iTunes homepage and has received countless glowing reviews from such notable publications/media outlets as The Washington Post, USA Today, Heart&Soul magazine, and Rolling Out.com.

Avery*Sunshine is about to re-release her 13-track debut CD, which is an amalgamation of jazz, gospel and soul, and features legendary vibraphonist and funk-soul jazz composer Roy Ayers amongst others. Here’s a little audible taste:

We sat down with Avery this week and asked her a few questions:

1. What’s a typical day in your life like right now?

Up at 6am to take my children to camp then off to the gym! That’s followed by an interview or two, studio and then choir rehearsal… Oh yeah… Picking the kids up from camp! LOL

2. What was your best gig (as performer or spectator)?

I’d have to say my best gig was opening for BB King in London at Royal Albert Hall. Breathtaking experience!

3. Who would you most like to collaborate with? 

Hmmmm…. D’ANGELO!!!!!!

4. Producing & DJing technology changes on a weekly basis these days. These days you can have a complete recording studio & DJ Setup on your iPad or phone. How important is technology to your creative process?

Extremely important. With our busy schedules, my writing partner/engineer is many times unable to make it to the studio when I’m there. Instead of calling the sessions off, I record my own vocals in the booth with the help of my Ipad and most useful tool called Splashtop. I’m able to do everything that I’d need an engineer to do.

5. Your favourite new producer/artist in 2012 and why?

MusiqSoulchild. He’s not really new to everyone but he’s doing more production for others and it’s AMAZING. He’s a producer who has an understanding of how to marry musicality with technology. The results are
absolutely fantastic.

6. Can you give us your three guiltiest pleasures?


7. What’s the strangest thing a fan has ever said to you?

This is the only one that I can recall. “Hey Ms. Avery, are you related to the Avery’s in North Carolina? Let me know.” HUNH?!?!

8. One thing that you hate about a night out in your hometown?

The city shuts down @ 11PM!!!! (Well, that’s what it feels like!)

9. What do you associate with Brooklyn?

The Dodgers & Jay-Z

10. Any new projects or releases on the horizon?

Re-releasing my debut album with new tracks. It’s entitled “THE SUN DELUXE”, New video for “I GOT SUNSHINE” and new album to be released in March 2013… EXCITED!!!!!

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