Aldo Vanucci

Aldo Vanucci is Plymouth’s 14th best DJ. Actually he‘s the best. But he likes to underrate himself. Honestly he is one of UK‘s craziest Vinyl Diggers and Producers. In his time, he has remixed the Jackson 5, Queen, Nore, Dr Dre and a whole lot more, though nowadays, he tends to ask the artists for their permission in the first place. Recently Aldo Vanucci and Featurecast have teamed up for another banger for your box and this time, they have brought along Hip Hop legend “The Alkaholiks”. Aldo Vanucci rocks parties hard, makes music fresh and drinks coffee regulary. His incredible Sets are wanted in clubs worldwide.

He presents his picks of the month in Soul, Funk, Hip Hop, Reggae, Drum’n’Bass & Dubstep on the aptly titled Aldo Vanucci Show only here on Brooklyn Radio: