Brooklyn Radio is a multimedia platform for innovative music, art and lifestyle with 40.000 unique visitors per month. We focus on the underground scene where the initiatives that lead to the successes, sounds and trends of tomorrow are born. Brooklyn Radio is a publication for innovators and early adopters.

We have 12 contributors, among these are New York Heavyweights DJ Ayres (The Rub, Flashing Lights), DJ Eleven (The Rub), Jubilee (Flashing Lights), Ursula 1000, Monk One (Wax Poetics), Bastard Jazz Records and Subatomic Sound. We also recruited non residents like U Tern (Canada), Aldo Vanucci (UK). Each contributor has his/her own show and releases a new episode at least every 4 weeks.

Brooklyn Radio specifically attracts readers aged 20 to 35. The vast majority of readers follow is in higher education or has already graduated. Reader surveys show that people spend a lot of time reading the magazine, on average more than half an hour per issue.

With a taste for what’s brewing in the pop cultural landscape, our listeners are always on the look out for what’s new and fascinating. There are several ways to advertise: We offer banner ad placement on the site and packages are negotiable for sitewide takeovers, unique promotional campaigns, contests, and first time advertisers.

Ratings: Brooklyn Radio receives, on average, 50k pageviews a month and has a subscriber base of 10,000 registered users.

Demographics: The majority of our readers/listeners are 18-35; 60% are male. 75% are university graduates, 18% with advanced degrees; over 20% more attended/attending university. Almost 30% have a HHI of over 100K; Over 70% above 50K.

Some of our past and present advertisers, which include local businesses and national brands, include: Giant Step, Fania Records, Dancetracks Digital, iTunes, Manifest Clothing, Watch Your Back Clothing, Look Presents Detour (Film Festival), Brooklyn Bridge Park, A Fancy Mess, …

**We also sponsor and provide DJs for events.

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We have the following ad sizes available:

  • “Leaderboard” in the header (728×90 site-wide )
  • “Island” in right side bar (300×250 site-wide )
  • “Big Block” just under header (980×200 site-wide )
  • “Slim Jim” left of every article (140×600 on article pages only)

We can also help you design, create copy, and produce audio and banner ads.

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