Producer and DJ Scott Melker is hard at work on what promises to be another stellar project. This time, the remix master takes on a new medium: radio. The New York City and Miami based artist launched his first ever radio show, titled ADHD. The name was only fitting; when asked how he would describe his musical tastes to a stranger in an interview with, Melker said:

“ADHD! My musical tastes are incredibly varied and random, so I try to bring all of my influences together into my projects.”

So far, this penchant for musical diversity has manifested itself in Melker’s releases, remixes and performances. As it is, Melker has been known to take his sets on wild, genre-crossing journeys that often encompass everything from Kanye West to Disclosure to Michael Jackson.

Now, he brings that range to the airwaves with ADHD, encouraging audiences to test their comfort zones while serving as a platform for both tested veterans and emerging talent within the music community.

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