#30thAnniversary – Zhigge

Zhigge (pronounced Shiggy) were an NYC crew consisting of Kazo, Prancer, Sound, Face and Tonga. Their debut and only album was produced by Salaam Remi who was pretty much a newcomer at that time. The production is on the straight up boom bap tip with loads of funky samples and hard breaks. Milo Johnson (a.k.a. DJ Nature) of The Wild Bunch fame even appears on the production board for “Harlem”. The dynamic flow of the mc’s is somehow reminiscent of top acts such as The Leaders Of The School. It’s hard to understand why this project didn’t make a stronger impact when it was released, it is as good as many classic material from that era. “Toss It Up” & “Rakin’ In The Dough” became some kind of underground hits over the years. Discover or revisit this lost classic!

Full album on YouTube:

Stream on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and Tidal.

Playlist with the videos:

  • Rakin’ In The Dough
  • Toss It Up

Playlist with remixes & B-side:

  • Rakin’ In The Dough (Uptown bounce remix)
  • Rakin’ In The Dough (Headboppers mix)
  • Rakin’ In The Dough (Church ave mix)
  • Riddles That Rap Riddles That Rhyme

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