#30thAnniversary – The Roots “Organix”

Back in 1993, the legendary Roots crew, that were not legendary yet, came out with their first full length album titled “Organix”. Released independently, it was actually the LP they were selling while touring in Europe, trying to catch a break they didn’t get in their native Philadelphia. The version of the band at that time was comprised of Black Thought & Malik B on the mic, Questlove on drums (he also dropped a couple rhymes!), Hub on bass and Scott Storch on keys for some tracks. A little bit amateurish at times and not as strong as the upcoming albums “Do You Want More?!!!??!” or “Illadelph Halflife“, the potential is still indisputable and it is an important project since it gave them the leverage to find a label and launch the career of what would become the greatest Hip Hop band in history.

Full Album on YouTube:

“Pass The Popcorn” Video:

Early 90’s live performance and interview:

(With Rahzel, so probably around 1994)

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