#30thAnniversary – The Best Of The Rest (1993), Part 1

All the people who have been following us for the last three years know that we are trying to cover as many Hip Hop projects as possible with our 30th Anniversary project. In a remarkable year like 1993, arguably the best in Hip Hop history, it’s simply impossible for our small team (two dedicated guys) to cover every good release. The “best of the rest” posts are here to complete the review of the year, with links to listen to a selection of those albums we missed, but also playlists with videos and remixes from the 12″ singles. Let’s hope you make a couple of nice discoveries along the way. This is part 1, more coming real soon! Also, the mix series is coming back, stay tuned!

Capital Tax – The Swoll Package

Listen on YouTube and Spotify.

Video & Remixes:

  • I Can’t Believe It
  • I Can’t Believe It (Bleedat Mix)
  • I Can’t Believe It (Funk Remix)
  • The Masha (Remix)

Above The Law – Black Mafia Life

Listen on YouTube.


  • Call It What U Want (featuring 2Pac & Money-B)
  • V.S.O.P.

Suprême NTM – 1993… J’appuie sur la gachette

Listen on YouTube & Spotify.


  • J’appuie sur la gâchette

Just-Ice – Gun Talk

Listen on YouTube.

Tim Dog – Do Or Die

Listen on YouTube & Spotify.

Video & Remix:

  • I Get Wrecked” (featuring KRS-One)
  • I Get Wrecked (Boogie Down Mix)

Kam – Neva Again

Listen on YouTube.


  • Peace Treaty
  • Still Got Love 4 ‘Um

Various – Roll Wit Tha Flava

Listen on YouTube.


  • The Flavor Unit MC’s – Roll Wit Tha Flava
  • The Almighty RSO – Badd Boyz
  • Nikki D – Freak Out
  • Jhane – Hey Mister DJ

Mad Kap – Look Ma Duke, No Hands

Listen on YouTube.

Videos & Remix:

  • Da Whole Kit & Kaboodle
  • Proof Is In The Puddin’
  • Proof Is In The Puddin’ (Proof Remix)

Monie Love – In A Word Or 2

Listen on Spotify.


  • Full Term Love
  • Born 2 B.R.E.E.D. (Hip-Hop Mix)
  • In A Word Or 2

Bo$$ – Born Gangstaz

Listen on YouTube and & Spotify.

Videos & Remixes:

  • Deeper
  • Recipe Of A Hoe
  • Progress of Elimination
  • Progress Of Elimination (Niggaz Iz Dyin)
  • Drive By (Rollin’ Slow Remix)

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