#30thAnniversary – Super Cat “Don Dada”

Even though this is a Dancehall album, its impact on the Hip Hop world was so major that we had to cover it. In fact, Super Cat and Shabba Ranks were the first from the Jamaican toasting / deejaying scene to have a record deal with a major American label such as Columbia or Sony.

When “Don Dada” was released, Super Cat wasn’t a newcomer at all, he was having hit records since 1981 and he has been putting music out by himself on his “Wild Apache” imprint for several years. His intense, catchy and unique voice generated a buzz in dances everywhere and expectations were high for this project. In a weird twist of fate, somehow adding to the anticipation of the album in the streets, a tragic dispute had just happened in 1991 at a Brooklyn record store leading to the death of Jamaican singer Nitty Gritty. Super Cat was initially suspected, details remain murky to this day, he could have pleaded self-defense and was acquitted.

Very quickly, singles such as “Dem No Worry We”, “Ghetto Red Hot”, “Dolly My Baby” exploded on both the Hip Hop and Reggae scenes thanks to many amazing remixes or collaborations featuring Heavy D, Notorious B.I.G. and Mary J. Blige. “Nuff Man A Dead” also became an essential Dancehall anthem. The whole LP is an absolute classic and loads of its lyrics were sampled on several Hip Hop party tracks at that time and for many years to come. Take a listen and feel the heat and energy of a very special moment in time when Dancehall and Rap blended perfectly and created a unique musical collision!

Full album on YouTube:

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  • Dolly My Baby (Bad Boy Extended Mix) feat. Mary J. Blige, 3rd Eye, Puff Daddy & Notorious B.I.G.
  • Ghetto Red Hot
  • Dem No Worry We feat. Heavy D

Remixes & B-Sides:

  • Ghetto Red Hot (Hip Hop Remix)
  • Don Dada (Hip Hop Remix)
  • It Fe Done (Dancehall Remix)
  • It Fe Done (Rub A Dub Remix)
  • Dem No Worry We (Hip Hop Ragga Remix)
  • Dem No Worry We (12″ Club Remix)
  • Dolly My Baby (Reggae Remix)
  • Dolly My Baby (Reggae Super Cat Remix)
  • Dolly My Baby (Hip Hop Remix)
  • Dolly My Baby (Bad Boy Extended Mix)
  • Dolly My Baby (Super Cat Remix)

Interviews & Live Performances:

The Rawsoul & Mr Dan


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