#30thAnniversary – Public Enemy “Apocalypse 91…The Enemy Strikes Black”

How do you follow up three classic albums? For Public Enemy in 1991, the answer was easy… with another one!
With Chuck D as sharp as ever on the mic with more social and political messages and Flavor Flav being the same hype man we loved, the biggest difference was on the production side. The Bomb Squad, who produced almost every track since the first LP, are not the main beatmakers for “Apocalypse 91…”. The Imperial Grand Ministers of Funk, a new production team, took the reins and found the way to recreate the magic. While the sound is not as dense, it still bangs as hard if not harder than on the previous work.

So if you forgot how good the follow up to the classic “Fear Of A Black Planet” is, dive back in now! Stream the album & remixes (the Pete Rock remix of “Shut ‘Em Down” is a monumental jam!) and watch the videos, interviews and live performances below.

Full album on YouTube:

Stream on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer & Tidal.

Playlist with the videos:

  • Can’t Truss it
  • Shut Em Down
  • Nighttrain
  • By The Time I get To Arizona
  • Get The Fuck Outta Dodge
  • Bring Tha Noize

Playlist with remixes:

  • Shut Em Down (Pe-te Rock Mixx)
  • Can’t Truss It (Almighty Raw 125th Street Bootleg Mix)
  • Can’t Truss It (Goree Island Conga Radio Mix)
  • Nighttrain (Pete Rock Strong Island Mt. Vernon Meltdown)
  • Nighttrain (Get Up Get Involved Throwdown Mixx)
  • More News At 11 (Extended Gary G-Wiz Mega Bomb)

Interviews & Live Performances:

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