#30thAnniversary – Penthouse Players Clique “Paid The Cost”

Have you heard about the west coast duo of Tweed Cadillac and Playa Hamm aka Penthouse Players Clique? Only one album, released in 1992 on Ruthless and Priority Records, executive produced by Eazy-E with beats by DJ Quick (he was part of the band at some point) and features from the two aforementioned artists and AMG. Curious yet? If you are an LA gangsta rap music lover, this one is a must!

Learn more on Tweed Cadillac and Playa Hamm with those interviews for Unique Access Ent. right here.

Full album on YouTube:


  • Explanation of a Playa
  • P.S. Phuk U 2 (featuring DJ Quik)


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