#30thAnniversary – Naughty by Nature “19 Naughty III”

Appearing on the pop charts while keeping street credibility is not an easy thing to do, but that’s exactly what Naughty By Nature achieved once again on “19 Naughty III”, the follow up to their outstanding eponymous LP released a year and a half earlier on Tommy Boy Records. Not as packed with hits as the predecessor, the album is still a good listen, well produced by in-house DJ and producer Kay Gee. Vin Rock takes more space on the mic this time around, going back and forth with top notch emcee Treach on most tracks, while features come from legends like Heavy D, Queen Latifah and Freddie Foxxx. The track that kept them in the stratosphere of the Billboard charts is the mega smash hit “Hip Hop Hooray”, a “stadium status” song you can still hear everywhere today, on the same level as “O.P.P.” from the previous album.

Stream the album on your favorite platform below, listen to dope remixes by Pete Rock, The Beatnuts & more, watch all the videos, interviews and live performances and enjoy a piece of Hip Hop history!

Full album on YouTube:

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  • Hip Hop Hooray
  • It’s On
  • Written on Ya Kitten

Remixes & B-Side:

  • Hip Hop Hooray (Pete Rock Remix)
  • Hip Hop Hooray (Sunship Club Mix)
  • Hip Hop Hooray (Sunship Groove Mix)
  • Hip Hop Hooray (Wicked Mix)
  • Hip Hop Hooray (Extended Mix)
  • Hip Hop Hooray (Thrash Remix)
  • Hip Hop Hooray (Dungeon Jeep Remix)
  • Written On Ya Kitten (QDIII Radio Edit)
  • Written On Ya Kitten (Q-Funk Radio Edit)
  • Written On Ya Kitten (Shandi’s Smooth Radio Edit)
  • Klickow – Klickow
  • It’s On (Beatnuts Remix)
  • It’s on (Kay Gee Remix)

Live Performances & Interviews:

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