#30thAnniversary – Jungle Brothers “J. Beez Wit the Remedy”

On the quest of exploring new territories and experimenting with new sounds for their third album, the Jungle Brothers faced rejections from Warner Bros who didn’t like the direction the group was taking. They finally changed the name of the project and recorded a couple of boom bap joints to release “J. Beez Wit the Remedy” in 1993, 4 years after the top notch “Done By The Forces Of Nature“. The result is an unequal LP, with some gems sprinkled around, but the best track is probably not even on it. “On The Road Again (My Jimmy Weighs A Ton), remixed by Q-Tip, is an excellent second single, but that version is not part of the official release. The good news, you can find that track below, plus all the videos, a (weird) interview from that era and the samples used to create that album via whosampled.com. Enjoy!

Full album on YouTube:


  • 40 Below Trooper
  • On The Road Again (My Jimmy Weighs A Ton) (Q-Tip Remix)


  • 40 Below Trooper (Heartbeat Mix)
  • On The Road Again (My Jimmy Weighs A Ton) (Q-Tip Remix)


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