#30thAnniversary – IAM “…de la Planète Mars”

IAM are an absolute classic and legendary crew hailing from Marseille in France. In a very short amount of time they impose themselves as the key players of the French Hip Hop movement in the very early 90’s, alongside NTM and MC Solaar. Following a cassette only debut release in 1990, …De la planète Mars sets the stage for what was coming up for their whole career : complex conscious rhymes over impeccables productions. Their music and vibe is a perfect capture of the French reality of living in “les banlieues”. If you’re not familiar with IAM, take a listen, they stand as strong as any of your favorite American MC’s and producers!

Full album on YouTube:

Stream on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer & Tidal.

Playlist with the videos:

  • Tam Tam de l’Afrique
  • Red, Black and Green
  • Planète Mars
  • Hold-up Mental
  • IAM Concept
  • Elvis

Playlist with Remixes and B-sides:

  • Tam-Tam de l’Afrique (Homere Mix)
  • Tam-Tam de l’Afrique (Easy Mo Bee Mix)
  • Le Livre de la Jungle
  • Fuit L.A.I. (Laids Absolus Irrécupérables)
  • Red, Black and Green (Deuxième Vague Club Mix)
  • Red, Black and Green (Rainbow Mix)
  • Red, Black and Green (Sofa Jazz Mix)
  • La Guerre Sainte du Rap
  • Planète Mars (Homere Mix)
  • Planète Mars (Mo Bee Remix)
  • Planète Mars (Black Hole Mix)
  • Keep On Scratching
  • Je Suis Vex’


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